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1st October 2023

The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity

Eucharist at St Paul’s, Honiton
 at 11.00am

and in the villages on the first Sunday of the month:

9.30 Eucharist at Awliscombe

9.30 Eucharist at Cotleigh 

10.00 Village Service (lay led) at Buckerell

and in the villages on the second Sunday of the month:

11.00 Eucharist at Gittisham

11.15 Eucharist at Combe Raleigh 

and in the villages on the third Sunday of the month:

9.30 Morning Service (lay led) at Awliscombe

10.00 Eucharist at Buckerell

and in the villages on the fourth Sunday of the month:

11.00 Morning Service (lay led) at Gittisham

11.15 Morning Service (lay led) at Combe Raleigh

Please note that there will not be a Lay-led service at Gittisham on Sunday 26th February

there are no celebrations of the Eucharist in the villages on the fifth Sunday of the month:

from The Rector:

“Around the Parishes”

The September 2023 edition is here!

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Future events:

This week at St Paul’s!

Video material from the Diocese . . .

Exeter Cathedral

You may also be interested in Music and Worship from the Cathedral. Link to their pages here.

Resources to use at home

Celebrate Together Team at St Paul’s Honiton

Click here to go to Rev Ann’s pages where you will find links to all the videos.

Lots of love from the Celebrate Together Team.

Resources for children, families and young people

Exeter Diocese have developed a huge range of resources and activities for children of all ages.

Have a look at what they have to offer here

also there are some craft ideas here

Baptisms & Weddings

Weddings and Baptisms are now permitted with no specific number restrictions, and people should contact the Parish Office in the first instance to get the appropriate application form.  

Once completed the form should be returned to the office when a date will be offered for baptisms, and hopefully agreed for weddings.


Funerals are now unrestricted in numbers attending.

The Funeral Directors will arrange the date of the funeral direct with the Parish Office.

Some Funeral Directors take a list of who attends as  information for the family.

On this page:
Worship  –  Events  –  Safeguarding

The Honiton Mission Community seeks to communicate God’s love and to reach out to others by encouraging people through pastoral care, participation and worship.

The Churches in our Mission Community

Our Mission Community website

If you are expecting to see the St Paul’s, Honiton website at this address, then let’s explain.

The domain name “” feels more appropriate to the whole of the church in the Honiton area. So we have decided to make this the page that will cover all the activities that involve and affect all the parishes and churches in the Honiton Mission Community (HMC).

Each church’s individual page(s) can be linked by:
 * clicking on the appropriate image,   or
 * by selection from the menu,   or
 * direct from your browser using the format{church} (eg.

We hope that you like the result and we look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions on how we can keep this important resource up-to-date and relevant.

Sue Roberts, Team Rector
Charles Pegman, Website Coordinator


Revd Sue Roberts

Team Rector

[email protected]

Revd Tracey Voysey

Team Vicar (interim)

[email protected]

Introducing the Revd Tracey Voysey

Revd Tracey Voysey is currently the Assistant Curate in the Benefice of Axminster, All Saints, Axmouth, Chardstock, Combpyne with Rousdon, Membury and Uplyme. The Archdeacon of Exeter has invited Tracey to be the Acting Team Vicar in the Honiton Mission Community while Rev Sue Roberts is away on sabbatical for September, October and November 2023.

Julia Barrett
Licensed Lay Minister (Reader)

[email protected]

Mission Community Worship

Mission Community Events


Find out more about what the Church can offer for Christenings, Weddings and Funerals.

These are general presentations. When you are ready to make specific arrangements, please contact us via the Parish Office.

 + Christenings & Holy Baptism

 + Weddings

 + Funerals 


Safeguarding is the responsibility of each church in our Mission Community.
Please see the appropriate parish page (from the menu below) for more detail:

AwliscombeBuckerellCombe RaleighCotleighGittishamHoniton

SAFEGUARDING in the Honiton Mission Community – Promoting Safer Churches

The parishes of Awliscombe, Buckerell, Combe Raleigh, Cotleigh, Gittisham and Honiton (which make up the Honiton Mission Community) are committed to safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk to worship and grow in Christ safely.
Concerns about children, young people and adults at risk will be diligently and promptly responded to according to our procedures, recognising the sensitivity it may hold for those involved.
As a Mission Community (group of parish churches) we have adopted the House of Bishops ‘Promoting a Safer Church’ policy and the Parish Safeguarding Handbook, incorporating the House of Bishop’s Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance. 
All our PCCs (Church Councils) have formally adopted this and signed a Safeguarding Policy Statement Promoting a Safer Church and a copy of this can be found on each church’s page on this site. 
We have also displayed the Promoting a Safer Church poster prominently within each church.
All those working with children and adults at risk have undergone safer recruitment, received safeguarding training and support.
If you have a concern about the safety of someone or the actions of someone working with children or vulnerable adults, please speak to the appropriate contact for your church – see the list or visit the church’s page on this website:

You could also contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team at

If you are a young person and you feel unhappy about something happening to you, you can call Childline on 0800 11 11.

Honiton Mission Community Safeguarding

Parish Contacts



Combe Raleigh




Specific parish contacts are listed on their respective pages. For general enquiries and to book Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals, please contact:


The Parish Office
St Paul’s Church
High Street
Honiton  EX14 1PG

01404 44035     [email protected]

“Around the Parishes” is the monthly newsletter of the
Honiton Mission Community.

Download your copy here.

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