Reverend Ann's "In the Beginning" video series

In the Beginning

A Sad Day

A Special Promise

God’s friend

Reverend Ann's "All about Jesus" video series

Jesus’ Special Friends

Big Spender

Jesus and the Children

Jesus and the Taxman

Reverend Ann's "In a Foreign Land" video series

Joseph the Dreamer

Joseph in Prison

Joseph the Ruler

The Secret Baby

The Great Escape

The Long Journey

Reverend Ann's "More about Jesus" video series

The Centurion’s Servant

Time to Get Up

The Kind Stranger

Blind Bartimaeus

The Unforgiving Servant

The Two Houses

The Good Shepherd

That’s it for this series of 7 videos

Reverend Ann's "Bible Heroes" video series

The Walls Fall Down

Samuel hears a Voice

David the Giant Killer

The Wise King

Daniel and the Lions

Esther was a Star

A Time to Build

Reverend Ann's "First Christmas" video series

The First Christmas

The Wise Men Visit

The Boy in the Temple

The Boy in the Temple

Reverend Ann's "Trusting God" video series

Elijah and the Ravens

The Helpful Servant

Jonah the Moaner!

Hezekiah Trusts God

Down the Well

Reverend Ann's "Followers of Jesus" video series

The Beautiful Gate

Look out for the second video in this series

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Craft Ideas!

Are you looking for crafty ideas to inspire youngsters?  Are you wondering how to help them develop their faith and understanding of God at a time when they are not in school or in church?  Have a look at the video from the Diocese of Exeter for some great ideas for 1-11 year olds!