St Paul’s, Honiton

Supporting our church

Arrangements during Coronavirus emergency

There are changes to how we will be able to accept and process donations during the emergency.

  • Parish Giving Scheme

The office that process these donations is closed and only a few key workers are available to work from home. The virus outbreak occurred just after they had moved office so some systems are not 100% available.

Donations already set up will continue to be taken by Direct Debit and will be paid to St Paul’s automatically as before. However, new donations and amendments cannot be processed at present.

If you need to change your Gift Aid eligibility, please contact Charles Pegman (see below)

  • Standing Order

If you donate via standing order these should not be affected. If you need to make a change of the amount please contact your own bank either by post or online.

If you need to change your Gift Aid eligibility, please contact Charles Pegman (see below)

If you wish to make a donation by cheque, please post it to the Parish Office. We regret that with the church closed we are unable to accept cash donations at present.

If you have any queries or concerns about giving to St Paul’s, please contact:

Stewardship Recorder
Charles Pegman
01404 549738
07939 723102
[email protected]

Regular, Planned Giving

This is the backbone of the church’s finance as it allows us to plan for the future with confidence.

Where possible, we encourage donors to register for Gift Aid. This is done by completing a simple declaration form in advance. This government tax rebate scheme increases the value of your donations considerably at no extra cost to you.

We have two schemes available:

  • Parish Giving Scheme (Direct Debit)

This is our preferred method to receive donations as the administration of the scheme is operated centrally by the diocese on our behalf. Your Direct Debit can be set up through this scheme to make regular payments with the minimum of fuss. 

  • Bank Transfer (Standing Order)

Some donors do not wish to use Direct Debit so we have this scheme available as an alternative. You can set up a Standing Order through your bank to make regular payments with the minimum of fuss. 


Regular  donors using bank transfer can place a token in the collection each week.

Ad-hoc and one-off donations

These are valuable sources of income and can be made by cash or cheque (payable to St Paul’s, Honiton PCC). Again we encourage the use of Gift Aid wherever possible.

  • Collection plate and wall-safe donations(without Gift Aid)

Simply take your donation to St Paul’s at any time.

  • Collection plate and wall-safe donations(with Gift Aid)

You need to place your donation in a yellow Gift Aid envelope before giving it to St Paul’s. You must complete your name and address details each time you use a yellow envelope so regular donors may prefer one of the Planned Giving schemes described above.

  • Legacies

St Paul’s has been fortunate over the years in the number of legacies it has received. These have enabled some major improvement and maintenance projects to be completed.

Please ask us for advice about including provision for St Paul’s in your will, or consult your solicitor.

  • Bank Transfers

You can give to St Paul’s using on-line banking. Please ask at the Parish Office for details. This giving can be subject to Gift Aid.

Gift Aid your Donation

an extra way to help St Paul’s

If you are a UK taxpayer please make donation through Gift Aid. St Paul’s is then able to claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. Gift Aid is a scheme that allows any charity to claim a refund of tax the donor has paid on money given. This tax refund can be from tax already paid on income, investments or savings accounts.


For Regular donations, you will need to complete a Gift Aid declaration.
One-off donations will need to be made using a yellow envelope. 

Fill in your name and address as this information is required by HMRC. But that is all you need to do – it is that straightforward. The church will, of course, treat your details as confidential.

Sign up with EasyFundraising

Raise funds while you shop online

You can sign up to raise funds for St Paul’s whilst you shop online at hundreds of e-store or use the site for your web searches. There is no additional cost to you.

There are also a wide range of special offers available through so you and St Paul’s will both benefit.