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Our Main Worship


  Sunday November 24th

  • 08.00 ~ Holy Communion (said)
  • 09.30 ~ Parish Eucharist


Sunday December 1st


  • 08.00 ~ Holy Communion (said)
  • 09.30 ~ Parish Eucharist
  • 18.30 ~ Advent Carol Service (followed by refreshments)


Sunday December 8th

  • 08.00 ~ Holy Communion (said)
  • 09.30 ~ Parish Eucharist
  • 15.00 ~ Carol Service (at end of Christmas Tree Festival)



St Paul’s has registered with Eco Church and is working towards a bronze award.

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If you have a concern about the safety of someone or the actions of someone working with children or vulnerable adults, please speak to one of the following:

·         The Parish Office on 01404 44035

·         Lyn Thatcher on 01404 41429

·         You could also contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team at -

If you are a young person and you feel unhappy about something happening to you, you can call Childline on 0800 11 11.


St Paul’s


From Trinity until Advent

Welcome to our website.  You find us in the season after Trinity but before Advent starts in December - otherwise known as 'Ordinary Time'.  For half of the year, from Advent Sunday (four weeks before Christmas) until Pentecost (50 days after Easter), we have been focused on Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection, and the sending of the Holy Spirit after he had ascended into heaven. 

While we are concentrating on these events, our attention is, at least in part, given to thinking about the way in which they affect our lives.  So, for example, at Christmas we might be thinking particularly about what it means to believe in a God who loves the world so much that he will take the risk of sending his son to live and die at our hands. At Easter we reflect on the power of God to overcome death and evil, and the fact that Jesus promised to all who put their trust in him that where he goes they too will follow.  

Now we're away from all those special events, we can turn our attention to what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, and to live out our faith in the world.  Ordinary Time is a good name for this part of the year, because it is undoubtedly in the everyday, ordinary ups and downs of our lives, and the lives of those around us, that we are called to make a difference by trying to live as Jesus taught us. 

Perhaps you've heard the phrase 'random acts of kindness'?  Practising random acts of kindness, of love, no matter how small or great,  whether it's for someone we know or a complete stranger, is one way that we can show others the love of Jesus in the everyday ordinariness of life.

With every blessing

Sue Roberts

Team Rector 


The next Celebrate Together is on

January 11th

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  Join us for this concert by the

  Sheldon Singers

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Palestine Home Rebuild - an update from Jane Scriven

Two years ago, I visited Palestine (aka West Bank/ Israeli Occupied Territories) and was deeply moved at the plight of people suffering as a result of the occupation. I had to return.

I signed up for an Amos Trust Home Rebuild, and returned this Spring to help re-house a family (whose home had been demolished at 3.00am by the Israeli military a few years earlier). We were a big group - mostly retired - and the usual reaction of the Palestinian builders is “Oh no, a bunch of geriatrics!” Once the team gets to work the reaction quickly changes. We tidied up the site removing trip hazards. We formed chain gangs for building blocks, metal props, cement and wood. We mixed cement and concrete using mattocks, made ladders out of pallets and plastered and painted exterior walls. The pouring of concrete onto the roof was a day to celebrate.

Elsewhere, we helped to dismantle and relocate a 3 polytunnel greenhouse, create a vineyard and plant 200 vines, level a heap of gravel/rocks for a volleyball court base and plant a number of small trees.

On the final evening the family, builders and our team celebrated the completion of the work with a meal, traditional music and dancing at a restaurant near Bethlehem.

I believe that all people – Israeli and Palestinian, Muslim, Jew and Christian should be respected and treated as people of equal value. This is also the view of many Israelis. A rebuild not only provides a home, it tells all who hear of it that Palestine is not forgotten. It restores hope for a family and their local community and I can’t wait to do it all again.

Shalom, salam, peace,

Jane Scriven






On Tuesday and Saturday Mornings, to coincide with Honiton’s market days, we have a Coffee Morning between 10:00 am & 12:00 noon, and everyone is welcome.

We are part of a Mission Community with the villages of AwliscombeBuckerellCombe Raleigh and Gittisham.

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Weekly Sunday Services

  • 8:00 am - Holy Communion (Traditional, said)
  • 9:30 am - Parish Eucharist

Monthly Sunday Services

  • Fourth Sunday 6:30 pm - Mission Community Evensong; this service rotates round the churches so please see the Pew leaflet for details.

For details of other services on weekdays and special occasions, see our weekly Pew Leaflet

The Kenneth Tickell Organ in Honiton. Now available on CD at £5.00 from the St Pauls Church Office, the Tourist Information Centre and Honiton Museum.